The Color of My Heart – Closing Thoughts

I would like to present you with two opening thoughts that have merged into one for me.  In these small vignettes of my meditations in poetry you may notice the common thread of God’s unconditional love.  This pure love manifest itself in many ways with the summit being Eucharist as God offers Himself in substance as Christ.  When we accept this offer and receive the fullness of God, this love becomes part of us. 

Karl Rahner an architect of Vatican II once said: “In the coming age we must all become mystics or be nothing at all.” One could research the word mystic and come up with all kinds of definitions, most focused on the presence of God.  I would like to offer an inclusive definition of a mystic for the century we are in.  It seems to me one of the fruits of Vatican II is the ability to more readily distinguish God in the ordinary daily activities of our lives.  Our mere acknowledgment of this visibility of His actions makes us all mystics.

When we respond to the combination of this awareness and fullness of Christ in our hearts we become Christian mystics.  In one single breath God is saying I am visible to you and you contain all of my unconditional love.  We become participants with the collective universe actively helping God distribute His grace, mercy and healing power to our neighbors.   Then, the color of our hearts is His love.