The Scarf

There was deep beauty beneath the scarf made obvious in the moment
I prayed (in belief I was not alone) that comfort would come to the owner
Somewhere inside her something had gone wrong, left now to science
To cure, to mend, to destroy this enemy within that did not belong
I briefly thought of others with their own scarf’s here and some beyond

Thoughts drifted back to those so close to her that needed her love
They too were in pain as friend, wife and mother fought for her wholeness
All she asked was a normal life full of joy and simple everyday pleasure
So I visually reached towards her family, embracing, holding, caring in faith
Grace re-directed was all I could offer in return for the touch of Christ’s robe

Then I knew I was not alone, there were others, others knew her pain
All of us pulled together praying to God for His mercy in all of her life
We asked for medicines to bring an end to the wretched thing inside
For a moment I sensed we held it at bay, we gave her breath and strength
She also felt for an instant we were there reaching, praying, loving her

It gave her courage to be with us in church, a moment alone, a place of faith,
Her fight could go on now filled with unity, nourished with Eucharist
Our own lives richly rewarded for giving her what we came to get ourselves
It is what it means to be Christian as sometimes we give, sometimes receive
For who is to know if we may have to hide our own monster under a scarf

I felt a thread form, my soul to hers, it made me want to hear her name
My wife knew it from when we lift our thoughts in “Lord, hear our prayer”
Then I understood why others were in prayer for her, she was in community
Community so important in our faith, melting Gods heart when asked as all
In joy we ask to let us each take a little of her pain to help her beat the odds

This is love no greater than Christ would do, to love our neighbor as ourselves
To direct our passion, our sincerity, our kindness as part of a greater whole
For when we do we become Christ ourselves with robes meant to be touched
With energy drawn as needed to heal the hidden wounds and mend the hurt
So when we see a scarf we know what to do with our faith, hope and love

We know that someday what is under that scarf will be in heaven with us
Watching, guiding, holding our hearts together as one for humanity
To reach for, to delight, to call out in joy, free of evil, free of pain
But for the here and now, we need to do what we do for those with scarf’s
Who need our help, need our strength, need our faith combined with theirs

God cannot help let His tears fall in mercy to His children when this is so

I do not notice details very often. When I do I really pay attention as I have come to suspect God is trying to teach me something. In this particular case, I happened to notice a scarf on a woman’s head at church. Right away I assumed the obvious that she was undergoing chemotherapy. In that instant I seemed to have this great sense that I and so many other people were praying for her along with all of divinity. It has sealed a true belief in the communion of saints so beautifully stated in the creed.

For further reflection: Matthew 14