The Trail That I Follow

The Trail That I Follow

Rain and melting snow had washed away the bridge
That allowed me to cross a brook to a network of trails
Some made by loggers, some by deer, all very familiar
All comforting to a soul seeking peace and solitude

I journeyed upstream to a different place I could cross
But the swollen waters made the woods impenetrable
The journey was well over, long before it could start
Frustrated, my only course was to return back home

Had I known the truth to the metaphor I encountered
The grief saved would have prevented the deep pain
So many other signs I had missed so much like this
I prayed for comfort and peace I had found and lost

Giving up could not be the plan, I would find a way
I examined the problem going back a different day
With no way to cross I had to blaze something new
Forgetting the past was well laid out in front of me

Storms had blown trees to the ground to be used
God had given me a new gift I had not seen before
I dragged the logs to form a bridge across the divide
There was no trail here to follow, time to start anew

Strange how I felt no need to find ones that I knew
Fresh snow showed the boot marks where I walked
That too a metaphor, as the trail that I now follow
Like Christ’s grace, only exist when I look back

Sometimes the answers to my problems are right in front of me and I just do not see them.  I really enjoy hiking on trails in back of my house. Even on trails I have been on there is always something new I have not seen before.  However, this time there was just no way to cross a large swollen brook to get to the trail system.  I had to give up but as I thought about the problem I decided to try again a different day.  The water was just as high so I figured I would have to find a new place to cross.

It just so happened that a heavy ice storm had knocked down some trees.  Just like me, I had been struggling with being knocked down but I had figured I could serve a new purpose.  I dragged the trees to the brook and was able to cross after I made a new bridge.  Instead of then hiking to well known trails I decided to create a new one.  I happened to look back and there in the snow was my boot prints.  I thought I was alone creating a new trail; I was not. Christ was right there with me.

For further reflection:  Luke 11