Through the Cracks

Winds blow tones through the cracks within the bones
Always near, this strange music plays inside my head
Others know its shouting is impossible to drown it out
I have accepted this defect as a quality of my humanity

Even in the deepest silence far away from every sense
Gentle breezes whisper sounds as Tinnitus is never still
In between theses waves in subtle volume God illumes
With thoughts in cycled echo’s I have learned to follow

Imagination previews within these hints what I should do
His will always sown in furloughed fields freshly tilled
These wondrous quests an expression of His love to us
Proof how God is always present in the here and now

Perhaps each of us has a weakness that serves this purpose
Instilled deep inside our fissures lies a crevice to be filled
Thoughts of undisguised mysteries of many possibilities
Clues that beckon, pointing forward towards our destiny

This place far different than this shadow we now know
Where love awakens happiness in every breath we take
Because if we react to the music in-between the cracks
God lets what is broken yield instead, an earthly heaven


For as long as I remember I have had Tinnitus.  For me it has been this constant slightly oscillating tone in primarily my left ear that occasionally overwhelms my thoughts. Sometimes in these weakest moments of human frailty I find significant strength. I stop to look and listen to the world around me for a fraction of a second to get my bearings again.  There is always something extraordinary in this instant, something stands out.  I have learned that God becomes visible within these imperfections we call being human. It is in my own discovered brokenness where the Cross of Christ exposes me to the human condition such as suffering. More intensely, in the silence I see that the suffering is not mine and I begin to feel compelled to help others. I am always amazed when I find others already toiling in the same vineyard.

For further reflection: John 3