Triduum – Veneratio



Pedilavium Veneratio Sabbatum Sanctum
 You kneeled
down in front
of me to wash
my feet

To let me reach
into the depth of
Your humbleness

This from a man
who could have

All You want
in return
is a shadow
of Your kindness

Bless me with
gifts of Your love
for the community

My tears of
join in the bowl

So I too
can humbly
wash the feet
in front of me

 I place myself
among the crowd
watching You

Sadness finds itself
every thought

I so want
to shout out
no more of this

But I have learned
this is the way
it must be

As I process
among the crowd
and the way
towards You

slowly turns

My turn now
to touch and feel
loves tenderness

As I walk
among the crowd
I encounter every day

I must remember
because of You
I am also raised

 In the silence
of this day
my heart is stilled

The man
I knew
is now divine

He has left
this world
to rescue
those before

In the silence
I wait …….
for His

While old
friends go
home with Him

In the silence
I pray
that all of us
can be with You
in paradise



Holy week is my favorite time of the year, especially the part of Triduum before Easter day.  I cannot help but become immersed in the love God has for us by sharing Himself as Christ.  I humbly share my mediations without comment.

For further reflection: John 18 and John 19