We Are All As One

Although you may have left the home that is familiar
Hear deep in the silence, listen for our hearts whisper
For you are not alone, God lets our prayers co-mingle
lets thoughts merge and focus on your hands, his will

We may not know the reason, the goal that you pursue
But feel the restlessness that make us wish we were you
Immersed in your dreams we catch a glimpse of sunshine
Of grace weaving its own way to the right place in time

You have found its treasure, how to distribute its wealth
to others in its required dignity that builds upon itself
Reach deep inside the vessel of faith, let its love out
Let its magnificent beams of brilliant light shine about

When your day begins, when darkness is left behind
you will see, we are there with you, prayers entwined
Prayers that what you do brings creation to equality
Brings hope for those that have little out of poverty

As your day begins its slow collapse, let the dark refresh
let it sweep away pain and anguish, rejoin soul to flesh
We are all together, we are all as one, we are all forgiven
when in humility we have given, love washes away the sin


In Genesis, God gives us the garden of creation to take care of.  I have come to realize the word dominion does not mean that a very few have some special privilege to control the resources of the planet.  God clearly meant that all of mankind is to share equally.  As dear friends were preparing for a mission, I recognized they had found the meaning of the redistribution of wealth using their talents and skills.  This example in others in the use of God’s grace strengthens my belief system that in my own insignificant way I can also help return the gardens luster.

For further reflection:  Prayer of Saint Francis (Sung by Sara Mclachlan)

Note: The Prayer of Saint Francis was said each morning by Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta