Bathe Their Feet with Your Tears

Behind the scenes in humble zeal
your silent heart’s spoke volumes
while you prepared the reception’s simple meal

Your smile welcomed in their grief
your hands opened wide
to let them receive to their degree of belief

Their first step, to heal and mend
a life now past, that went on in between
the beginning and this end

Mother Theresa’s lasting echo speaks
of how great the love can be
inside these little feats

The extraordinary manifested again
its yield, compassion’s effect of Christ within
visible from the eyes of ordinary women

The response to sorrow is one of those feelings not easily hidden. As I participated in a reception hosted by our parish bereavement group, my mind wandered to the image of the woman in tears blessing Jesus. I imagined her in silence anointing him with the precious oil. These women who worked behind the scenes had prepared food, set the tables, and no doubt prayed, bathing those in grief and sorrow with their hidden tears. Their love, compassion and kindness welled up a tear in my own eye as I could easily see Jesus in theirs.  I profoundly recognized their efforts was an intimate part of the healing process.
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Heart’s Volumes