Because You Love Me

Inside our casual greetings
I notice your eyes full of grace
You may not know that in these moments
I say a grateful prayer

Then, came my loss
Within my time to grieve
you noticed
Glory showed itself

Your sympathy was expressed
in the cards you sent, in your mass intentions
in the baskets of fruit at my door
Love became visible

Mary’s smile filled the space between
I knew then the wound would heal
This strong manly shell let go
under loves weight

I did not know the friends I had
until this moment became clear
Beauty had arrived
in ways faith told me I should have known

Now, in our brief encounters
I become filled
Because it is obvious
you pray for me


I was deeply affected by the warmth of love given to me when my mother died. Instead of grief and abandonment, I felt embraces beyond explanation. No doubt she is still very present in my life, perhaps even more so than she was on earth.  I saw her in your eyes and smiles and everything all of you expressed. I had no idea that hidden behind our brief glances, hellos and friendship, you too had been praying for me.  My empty cup had been filled, my thirst quenched.

For further reflection: The offering of compassion and prayer during times of grief with John 15:13

imageSeeing You in Mary’s Face