I had noticed a bounce in my step as I approached the doors
Blessed, I felt immersed with John the Baptist in the Jordan
A little cross of water drew me straight into its significance
Where I am cleansed, from that outside, to enter this Eden

A smile came, steps sure, my heart pounded when I kneeled
Thanking Christ near the lit candle, confident of his fidelity
Joy surrounded every thought, reason combined with faith
Proof, I was immersed in deep prayer beyond believability

The Mass went on, climbing further to what it really meant
What some might think rote, for me, words each time new
As stories were told, I entered them, immersed in their light
A table was shared with others who wished to be nourished

Spirit flowed, songs surrounded souls, embraced in the love
The moment came, immersed deep within Christ’s sacrifice
I joined the world of faith to pray for His mercy on all souls
Purgatory’s millions, each desired to find a home in paradise

Intensity diminished, while in the silence I prayed for grace
As I exited outside the four walls, now immersed in charity
I shared what was given, served the Lord, as I have learned
I am not afraid to leave the Liturgy, as I know God privately

He finds me in my silent places, focusing on His creation
Connecting to others that show the way to what I need to do
Immersed in the mystery, peace and love solves everything
Energized, I absorb what I am able to become more like You


When I stepped out my car to attend Mass the air seemed charged with energy.  I felt it being absorbed in every breath I could take.  By the time I got to the steps going up to the church doors, I felt like an excited child going to a party.  The second I blessed myself with Holy Water I confirmed I was in for a treat and was not disappointed.  For a fraction of a second, when I knelt after receiving Communion, I thought I must be in heaven.  I had a sense that millions of souls needed mercy, but I did not feel overwhelmed, as Christ was right there with me.

When the moment ended, I realized all the prayers I had said to this point in my life were simply practice. This was the real thing; to be immersed and participating entirely in the union of heaven and earth. When I got home I was blown away that the term immersive prayer was not in use and neither was the domain name –  I decided in that moment that is where my poems and meditations belonged. I had taken another significant step in the journey of someone who has hidden the light under the basket for so long.

For further reflection: Revelation 1