Jerry – Open Your Case

There are a million reasons
why I can no longer hide

Under a thinning shell,
is a new man faith has intensified

To be completely set free,
all I have left to do is reveal
the limits of my insecurities
and break the human seal

The journey to this crossroad
has came from nowhere

I could have never imagined
this outcome an answer to prayer

It appears to me
in order to accept this reality

I must let down the walls
that protect my accessibility

Trust in an uncharted
territory that I must embrace

Ultimately, if I believe
I, must open my case


I arrived unexpectedly at a crossroads of what I was supposed to do with my faith.  What I had done prior no longer seemed adequate. One single thought literally forced its way to the surface.  I had to write about my life with Christ.  The moment overwhelmed and I starting typing. As time has passed the words have not stopped flowing.  But, that was not enough, in order to expose the truth I have had to reject a very deep fear to share it.

Even harder is sharing what I thought should be private and personal turmoil.  Yet, a faith journey has its ups and downs, so I am left with no choice but speak also of the repeated walks away from darkness.  This process has reminded me of the game show Deal or no Deal.  As each case is opened you have no idea if what is inside is good or bad toward the objective.  However, whether you like it or not by the end all the cases are opened.

For further reflection: 2 Peter 1