Pater Noster

A duck silently paddled, pointing direction in arrow wakes
Crows bounced from hemlock branch to hemlock branch
Their caws called out from deep within,

follow me, follow me

A woodpecker’s hammering reminded, even Christ worked
The soft splash meant a fish had consumed his daily bread
Light from the east, grew in visible flared out beams
Summer morning breezes blew in fresh air to breath

Maple leaves stretched outward, ready to receive their fill
As fog lifted from the lake, my sins escaped from evils grasp
My tear could not help itself, gently falling down my face
Gratefulness overwhelmed, all of this, for our sake
Everywhere, beauty touched with drops of Your grace
Words, cannot express the enormity of what unfolded
I was surrounded in peace felt deep within love’s embrace
My family and friends arrived as if they were real
Faith held tightly, immovable from the glorious weight
A single thought became perceptible, waving like a banner
Hope, was here, reigning down in hidden golden stripes
Hope, joined my tear, for a moment, the world was flawless
Hope ……

The few words Christ gave, deserved to be whispered aloud
Our Father, hallowed be thy name


It is difficult to comprehend the person Father in Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We each visualize Father in different ways.  When I was young He was an old man dressed in white.  Talking to different people over the years has changed that perception to appreciate Father as the source of pure Grace given to each of us and the entire cosmos for our benefit.  In an early morning moment overlooking a lake I realized that every one of you are always within this Grace. Hope as grace speaks to us, all will be well.

For further reflection: Praying the Our Father with others

imageReigning Grace