An extraordinary sphere unites us
It can’t be seen, only dreamed
Outside this sphere, those before
Shine hope deep to those inside

Shadows cast, protect from harm
In subtle waves, we may sense
Love belongs, love holds truth
They are home within the light

To this sphere surrounds a Cross
Promised there for our eternity
Arms wrapped, gentle embrace
In love and joy for us to feel

Colors mingle within this infinity
Reaching towards living breath
Whispered sounds, wonder bright
Holds our hand by strength unseen

When we pray to give thanks
Tears flow from what we know
Living flames of living love
To spread about, what we receive

As we learn to look past beyond
To surrender to its endless beauty
Our souls will reach, they will fly
Our souls will dance in ecstasy

Towards Christ there at the edge
With glowing robe, soul to touch
Those outside share in our dance
So we can glimpse where to go

When I was twelve years old I had an experience that I will never forget.  I still cannot explain its full reality but I felt lifted up and while in that state drifted around the outside of a sphere.  This sphere has been a part of my life ever since. Every once in a while something gets added to the spheres environment creating change that I experience as more breath and depth. Most recently I have determined it is the sphere of humanity with Christ clearly attached to it protecting us from serious harm. The sphere is surrounded by divinity in all its glory sometimes visible in ways that cannot be put into words. Perhaps just wishful thinking but I think divinity wants us to reach out to it; to join in the dance.

For further reflection: Dante’s Divine Comedy – Paradiso and Illustrations – Gustave Dore