Within Transcendent Radiance

At first we sense warmth inside that we did not create
Then we give in to its call, patience will no longer wait
We reach and grasp at its invisibility at almost any cost
To discover what it is, before what we think we feel is lost

Its gentle subtleness begins to surface to deeper still within
In its dark light we still see the distance yet to go to begin
We have no choice; our restlessness turns to an endless quest
Satisfaction fills self, then we recognize we are just its guest

We ponder, pray and hope this unknown love forever flows
Second nature calls us to share, we nurture it, so it grows
Coals now glowing, heat now strong, now sure of its source
Gods grace fuels our journey forward, His time, His course

Hint of flicker beyond a simple glow, we want more of this
No longer for self, others must surely want to feel His kiss
Our life transforms, to share defines this glorious mission
Forget subtleness, we must lead, following forever gone

Flames leap in joy to what we have had to believe to see
Consuming Gods grace, our journey now moves boldly
Others see what we have become, reaching for this peace
God is happy, we embrace, hearts divine flame increase

Wounds us not in pain, but even deeper this love becomes
Seeing well past beyond, our simple glimpse speaks volumes
Miracles become common, our hands belong to our savior
Love surrounds, both human and from saintly souls before

Fire burns, consuming grace, reflected in the shadows light
Deeply felt, Christ and Spirit come alive within our sight
to become, as promised a part of us, we take part in them
We feel the heat now hot to the touch, thanking God, Amen

Our journey now truly starts, we travel towards its new end
and seek out other souls that wish to know Christ as friend
Their journey perhaps a different path, we sense truth within
Ablaze in unquenchable fire, they too, where we have been

Anyone that evangelizes in any way clearly knows Christ is right there with us as we continue to reach deeper within to new heights.

For further reflection:  Fr. Ron Rolheiser – Against an Infinite Horizon